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About Us

At Electric Marketing Inc., we believe that our face to face interactions with the consumers offer a more straight forward approach to the marketing strategy. We let the quality and value of our promotions speak for themselves. Our concept incorporates the products into the consumers shopping environment, thus creating a more receptive response.

We have had overwhelming, positive results from this approach and will continue to expand it into new market areas in the future. Our goal is simple; everyone must benefit from our promotions, not just one part. Our team spirit goes far beyond our office doors!

At our campaign events, consumers experience a professional team focused on representing the product or service. We are determined to give the best customer service and our efforts show through in the success of each event.

Our diverse client portfolio has forced us to develop in-store and on-site event campaigns that are flexible and effective for nearly every type of industry. We hand pick team members to fit each event perfectly. When there is direct interaction between the representative and the consumer, it builds confidence in the purchase. This is where we excel…this is where we develop success!

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